The Force is strong with this one – Enterprise Tester 5.1


Continuing the evolution of Enterprise Tester (and on Star Wars day!), we are honoured to deliver our latest release – Enterprise Tester 5.1.  Driven by customer requests, with a focus on usability, collaboration and security, there have been many superb new features delivered in this version.

Simple Dashboards.  With simplicity in mind, you can now create dashboards containing pre-configured report data. Select Execution Script Status, Incident Status or a variety of other brand new portlets for your shared dashboard.


Drill Down.  If you have an underlying query which supplies data to your dashboard portlet, you can now drill-down by clicking on the binocular icon to view or adapt.

Execution Status

Geckoboard.  Enjoy extended collaboration with Geckoboard by displaying Enterprise Tester portlets on your Geckoboard dashboard.  Pie (hmmm, pie!  arrghk ggh gghhhh), Burndown, Execution Status, Total Scripts Run and Estimated vs Remaining Time charts make test information readily accessible for users outside of Enterprise Tester.


Secure. Our permissions model has had a Developer-social-life-destroying overhaul; delivering a granular permissions framework, which works toward role-based permissions.  Security updates include a password strength indicator and configurable password policy enforcement. A Space Slug-sized amount of work for the team behind the scenes!

Maintain. We now maintain your test execution status as “Not Run” when a test to be executed is opened.  Hurray!  I hear Enterprise Tester users cheer!

Link. Synchronization of unassigned items in Enterprise Tester to an “unassigned” user in JIRA is now enabled – for JIRA version 6.4.1 and above.

Important Enterprise Tester Upgrade Note!   If you are using Enterprise Tester 4.10 or below, you must upgrade to Enterprise Tester version 5.0 in the first instance.  You can then upgrade to the latest version of Enterprise Tester.  Security improvements made in this version of Enterprise Tester have made this upgrade path necessary.

As always, we welcome you to be part of our community at Your ideas and thoughts are constant drivers when planning and delivering each Enterprise Tester release.

Now let’s blow this thing and go home! [Ed. Staggered! you told us you were ambivalent about Star Wars!].

The team at Catch.